Hope in Humanity

Posted: December 5, 2013 in BLURBS, VEDIOS
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This is just brilliant! I smiled, goose bumps, teary, hopefull. There is hope in humanity afterall. Seeing this, and i’m not sure wheather this is a publicity stunt or a real genuine cause, this is amazing honesty. Everyone needs to see and experince this message. Perfection is non existent. We are flawed in and out. People still stare at whats different, big guy, autistic child, crippled woman, yes including me…when we see someone disabled on the street, do you have to force yourself not to look twice…i guess some of us, including myself stare and say i’m lucky, im blessed but thats when i also say, they have more strength than i could ever imagine. they say “god doesnt give you more than you can handle?” Fellow world citizens that don’t function the way most of us do have alot we can learn from. And When i have kids, i hope i can walk around with them and not have the double look..perfect will be no where, models will be in various shapes and sizes, fashion will one day represent us ALL.one day. we are all but one…we need more of this…we need less of ‘perfect’


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