The Good Good Egypt (Part 1)

Posted: January 12, 2014 in ABOUT ME
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Egypt…what do you see in your minds eye when you think or imagine Egypt. Yes, Pharos and mummies and Elizabeth Taylor. Most likely for someone who has never been to the great city of Cairo, Egypt is a steaming hot, dusty, yellow, sandy emptiness; And of course the pyramids standing still with camels and horses roaming around desert tents with ninja turtle looking individuals feeding their cattle. Well maybe this was the image of Egypt and Bedouins before…back when things were nice and simple and ‘uncivilized’.


Today Egypt, most specifically Cairo, the capital, is an unrivaled chaotic mess; the city that never sleeps is most certainly Cairo, New York most certainty competes. City lights fill up the nights with warmth, and the grey fog and distinct smells linger around this beautiful spirited city. You will never feel alone in this city. Traffic, beyond India and New York combined, the streets of Cairo are jam packed with everything exciting. Honking racing swerving cars, 4 way passenger Vespa’s, colorful kiosks, street dogs, horses, and even sheep at times. There is always something to see, nothing is predictable. Every day will Never be the same.


For those willing to visit this mystical place, you most definitely should visit and ‘experience’ the city of Cairo for I would say 5 days or so. You can do the typical pyramids/sphinx thing, no you won’t go IN the pyramids like back in the day, You can pass by, wave, kiss the sphinx like Angie and Brad and get on your horse, have the best brewed Arabic tea with the Bedouins, instagram and move on. Museums can be fun for those who are into history. You should experience Khan El Khalili, Egypt’s oldest and most authentic bazaar district. A beautiful mess, people can nag you to Buy Buy Buy, the stuff is unique and cheap so you certainly should leave with something but do negotiate and look at various places first. It would be great to have a male escort, don’t dress to impress please, no hot shorts and cleavage ladies, you might not be touched but you might feel visually molested, so not fun. Jeans and a T would be perfect. Don’t buy the first thing you see and most certainly be nice, don’t get overwhelmed and move on. The food is delicious so do try Taj El Sultan for some authentic Indian cuisine on the scenic rooftop or the renowned El Feshawi Cafe for some Arabic bubbly/hookah & authentic delectable. In addition, visit the Cairo Tower, eat/drink at the Revolving Restaurant and don’t forget to experience the Egyptian nightlife with some clubbing at Cairo Jazz club (more laid back with weekly schedules of live bands/Djs) or hit up Tamari, Cairo’s high-end restaurant/club overlooking the Nile. Speaking of Nile, don’t dare leave Cairo without getting on a Felouka ride. Get your favorite snacks, wine and speakers and cruise for as long as you please around the city, sunset time would be ideal.

More to come!


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